Extended Oligoarthritis

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Am new to this, just wanted to be able to share my experience's and hopefully learn more about this illness, My 3 year year old daughter was diagnosed at 18 months with jia, is has spead from knees to ankles and most recently her wrist and finger, she has just had her 5th set of joint injections and is now moving onto injection methotraxate after a year of tablets,.
Would just like to talk to others in same situation, as although friend and family try to understand it is very difficult.


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    Dear Steph,

    Thanks for your enquiry to Arthritis Care. I hope you get some replies from other families on this one. It's so important to have support from others who have similar experiences.

    If you'd like to talk things over, you are of course welcome to ring our freephone at Helplines.

    I'm also sending you a private message with some additonal ideas, so do check your private messages.

    If you'd like any more relevant information, do e-mail us your full name and postal address and we can post it to you.

    hope you get some other messages too

    all the best
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    Hi Steph!
    although I do not have experience of coping with this type of condition, I just wanted to let you know that there is always someone in the forum willing to listen and support you......take care... Dorcas x