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I would welcome advice/ info on wrist surgeries.
I had a (left) wrist fusion in April of this year and two weeks ago the Ortho Consult said I need a further op on this wrist- distal ulnar resection? not sure how this will work with the fusion?

I have also been advised to have a total wrist replacement of the (right) wrist rather than another fusion. wondered what is the recovery/ rehab from this? what are the possible complications?how long does a wrist arthroplasty last? what can they do if the replacement wears out?

I am going back in April to discuss what op to have first.. any advice? many thanks. Dorcas


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    Hi Dorcas

    I'm afraid these questions are a bit technical for us. Total wrist replacement is a relatively new procedure and needs bigger studies to develop a reliable picture of its success rate. The best information I've found so far is the NICE guidance:
    and some from the NHS which looks quite succinct:

    I hope these are of some use to you.
    Best wishes
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    Thanks Paul,
    I have now read the info from both the suggested sites, which was very informative and answered some of my questions. thanks! I didn't realise that total joint replacement of the wrist was still in it's infancy; nevertheless, having spoken with my consultant, it seems that this is possibly the best (if not the only) option for me. I have a wee while before I am back at orthopaedics so will see what more I can find out before then. Dorcasx