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I have a thousand questions about my PA, does anyone get hot burning around their eye? I've had it on and off for months , cant blame the meds as it happend before diagnosis, worse when my hands hurt.
I've got an appointment with OH on Monday, been off for 3 months, still getting used to the idea and meds, no clue what say or do!
I have looked on your brilliant site all about OH and I need to think about what I can and can't do?
I work fulltime in a school as a TA.
The doc has stated that with my symptoms and positive antibody I am at risk of developing frank rheumatoid? How will this develope what differences are there between PA and RA?

Oh dear I was only going to reply to welcomes!!! :roll:


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    Hi maccajo

    When you want to talk about questions regarding Aurthur you would like to know now.

    It is a bit quiet over the weekend, people with family time. You will get members on tomorrow, but the best time is the week days.

    You will get a bigger responce then, you will meet members who can answer your questions for you.

    You can always ask question with the helpline team as well, they are very nice.


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