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Hi everyone,
I joined the forum a week or so ago...

This is the first forum I have ever been on so I hope I don't mess up! my son has been encouraging me to get online and is delighted that I have finally taken the plunge...

Who am I? I'm Iris... am 59 next birthday (can't believe it as I still think I'm a teenager a heart...though other bits tell me otherwise!) my family of five are all grown up and away, so it's just me and the dogs...two mad labradors...

I am lucky enough to have a twin sister, and she is lucky enough not to have arther!

I am still working.......bit of a workaholic...and just returning to work after another op; but am being told by rheumy I have to stop ignoring arther and start considering what's best..

I have PA and some OA..diagnosed 13yrs ago and like a lot of you am on anti TNF and MTX + usual painkillers.

I have posted on the forum already, responded to some... and taken a peep at the chat room but not ventured in!.

I think the forum is great...have learned a lot from your posts...and hope to get to know you....Iris x


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    Hello Iris

    A big welcome from me, sorry you need to be here. Glad you have taken the plunge and joined the forum, it is really helpful, supportive and a good laugh when you need one. I have already seen you about supporting others, bless you. Do venture into chit chat too whenever you like.
    Looks like we both got the short straw my twin is also luckily arthritis free but I am very glad about that. :D
    Will look out for your posts. Hope today is a good one. Take care.
  • dorcas
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    thanks to you both for your welcome s...
    I have had a rotten couple of days so your messages really gave me a lift! see you around the forum Iris x
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    Hi Dorcas (Iris)
    welcome form me too.
    That's waht it does this site - cheers you up as you feel less alone :)
    Toni x
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    Hi dorcas,

    I joined the sight recently too, after reading it I plucked up the nerve to join in.
    Your right is a great site and it would be nice to get to know you too.
    I am a 44 yr old mum, 3 children - aged 14 and up, 1 left to go uni, so working on the other 2 :lol:

    I have just been diagnosed with PA and osteopanni or something like that :?:

    nice to meet u and love to mad labradores x maccajo
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    Hello Iris and welcome. I'm awake at silly o'clock so though i'd pop in and see who's recently joind us. I have only been here a short while myself. You say you feel young at heart.........i was 35 last Thursday. When work colleagues asked how old i was, i replied, real age 35, feel 25 but my spine thinks i'm 105! I have OA in my spine but still hold down a 40hr week job!

    Have you ventured into the chit-chat rooms yet? Oh just barge your way in..............i did :lol:

    Carol X
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    Ooops...........sorry, didn't see you there Maccajo :oops:

    Welcome to you too.

    Don't worry, they're not all as ignorent as me on here :roll: :lol:

    Carol X

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