OH assessment: any right to appeal?

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I have just started a phased return to work after my latest surgery and had an OH assessment today. The outcome appears to be that I will not be able to continue in my present job. The OH doc outlined a number of issues relating to my condition and gave me his assessment of the impact that this now has on my capacity to do my current job.
I am also having further surgery next year which he tells me will further significantly reduce my capacity.

He took on board what my views were...ie. that I would like to remain in post with support, but made it clear to me that he is not going to/ able to make any recommendations (reasonable adjustments under DDA) that would meet my needs and allow me to remain in post . He spoke of employer's liability, H&S and the likely risk assessment that will follow his report.

I have done all that I can prior to today's assessment ie. gone through the Access to Work process and had a Driver Assessment.
I do have union support but haven't spoken with them yet.

I am shattered by the prospect of not being able to continue in my job...is there anything I can do? thanks. Irisx


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    Hi Dorcas,

    It sounds as though things are really difficult for you. You seem to be doing all the things that seem appropriate, and it's a question of following things through now and getting the employer to respond to the challenge of the recommendations of access to work. We are not qualified advisors in this kind of area, but would be happy to speak to you on the phone about this.

    all the best
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    Thanks Guy,
    I will take you up on the offer and give the helpline a ring. I've now been asked to attend a meeting on Thursday morn with HR and management so it would be good to have a chat with someone before then.... even for moral support. thanks a lot. x
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    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the helpline today for the much needed support, encouragement and especially the advice...you are wonderful! x