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i am on a contract with ends very shortly and i have been off sick since the middle of September. i am being pushed to put in writing that i will not be back but i am unsure about doing this as i think it could affect my ability to claim benefits. my husband is adamant that i should not write to them at all and i could really do with some advice. i have worked for them on contract for over a year but on two separate but consecutive contracts with no break. i am really unsure of my employment rights and wondered if anyone here could help me.



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    I expect they will not renew your contract but if you say you dont want to go back it will probably make things easier for them.I would take some employment advice before doing anything.Maybe CAB can help.
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    I agree with Elizabeth...
    don't put anything in writing without taking advice from an employment expert! you need to know exactly what your rights are and CAB would be a good starting point.
    If you are a member of a trade union it would be worthwhile speaking to them too as they have access to specialists in law.
    good luck! Iris x

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