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Hi ,
I've been lurking for around 6 months. I felt it was high time I joined in. I started 'hurting ' in Feb of this year and was very quickly referred to a rheumatology hospital. Have been diagnosed with probable psoriatic arthritis, although my tests not conclusive. Family history of psoriasis etc.
Been on Methotrexate since sept. 15 mg a week, arcoxia and folic acid.

Not feeling much better. Have been in constant pain for last 2 weeks and finally arranged a depo last week. Energy levels are brilliant but still got pain in fingers and toes. Gutted. last time I had depo was in May and had at least 12 weeks pain free.

Sorry, feels like I'm moaning. How long does metho take to work?

Rachel 41, 2children aged 4 and 6


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    Hiya raybee,

    Hello and welcome glad you found us, I'm new to the site as well and it is keeping me sane ( if thats poss).
    You moan all you want too, we do!
    Great advice and friendly peeps to chat to.

    maccajo x
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    Hi Rachel!

    Welcome to the forum!

    I have been on Mtx since Sept as well and I think it has been working for the past 2/3 weeks. I think it just depends on the person as I am sure others on this site have noticed it helping after just a few weeks.

    I hope you find some relief shortly.

    Come and join in with the ChitChat when you can!

    Arna x
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    Hi Rachel
    Good to meet you (Toni 45 three kids 14 (one step) 14 and 11 nearly 12)
    Very good to meet you.
    Everyone on here is so friendly and supportvive you will get loads of advice while you hopefully get your arhtur under control.
    Have a look on teh otehr foruns and start joining in :D
    Toni xx
  • suzster
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    hello rachel and welcome from me to!
    everyone is so friendly and supportive so you'll soon feel like one of the gang lol!
    35, 2 girls, a 10yr old and a 2 yr old!
  • raybee
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    Thanks everyone, looking forward to more chats!
  • trisher
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    Hi Rachael

    Welcome from me.

    This is a nice site. There are many nice peeps. You can have a moan, rant, ask questions and we will try and support you.

    We also have a lot of laughs too.

    love Trisher xx
  • debbierose
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    hello from me too
    its good in here there are some right characters to watch out for.
    rehab mellman trisher valval joy and a few others believe me.

    not me of course I'm no bother.

    catch you later.

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    Hi Rachel

    Welcome to the forum. Look forward to seeing you posting more on the other zones. Sorry cannot help with the metho, I have OA.

    Look after yourself,

    Elna x
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    Hi Rachel and welcome to the forum (from a relative newbie!).

    Sorry to hear you are still suffering - I think you should perhaps mention this to your doc?

    Hope you find some relief soon,

    Lois (43 with 3 kids)
  • kaylouis
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    I am new to this, I have recently been diagonsed with RA, not sure what to do or who to talk to about this, feeling quite sad and need to talk to people who know how u feel

  • elnafinn
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    Hi Kay

    Welcome to the forum. There are loads of people on here to chat and talk to who do understand because we all suffer from "arthritis" to a greater or lesser degree. Do join us on the Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat zone. I will look out for your name on there.

    Elna x

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