dla for a 3 year old

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I keep putting off claiming as it seems like another stress to add to the pile, it is something that I have been told to apply for but not sure if its a waste of time, they say that at age of 3 they need same care as other 3 years ie dressing etc, BUT not every 3 year would rather be in pushchair as cannot long distance, has spent more than half there life in and out of hospitals has had 5 times under anesthtic for joint injections now is havin a weekly injection of mtx as tablets didnt control the desease. do they take all that into account????....Advice plz has anyone else with kids applied?


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    Hi Steph
    Looking after a child with arthritis can be stressful at any time but it is worth applying for DLA. If money is out there to help you - go for it.
    We always advise people to seek professional help from a Welfare Rights Worker to complete these forms as they are long and complicated and information needs to be phrased carefully.
    You can get one of these workers either from your local Social Services, Citizens Advice Bureau, or if you have a disability organisation such as DIAL (Disability Information Advice Line) in your area.
    I'm sure there are other parents who have been in the same situation & if you put a posting on the Living with Arthritis or Young Persons site, more people will see it & hopefully reply to you with their experiences.
    Best wishes