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I have had psoriatic arthritis for a long time now, but in a very mild form, although I have been in hospital three times this year with psoriasis. I have been on many different treatments and I am currently on Infliximab, but mostly for my skin. However, in the last year, my arthritis has gone really bad. Last Wednesday, I had a fall outside and since then, instead of getting better I have got worse to the point now, I can hardly walk, get out of bed/chair or do anything that is considered normal. I would have thought by now, after a week, I would be improving, but I am not, do you think that this is normal or could it be something else. This is really getting me down.


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    hi jo welcome :) have you seen the doc about your fall sounds like you might well have done some damage somwhere :shock:
    Yes I saw him Monday and he just said that because I do not have full mobility, I obviously fell a lot harder than most people would have done, but I am not convinced because each day the pain is worse in various different areas and does not necessarily pertain to the way I fell. :(
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    Hi Jo
    Sometimes a stressful situation such as having a fall can trigger a flare up of arthritis and GPs might prescribe an anti-inflammatory to calm down the inflammation.
    Do you have a rheumy nurse that you can ring and get advice?
    In the meantime, look after yourself, keep mobile but don't overdo the exercises, and prioritise the work - do only what is necessary until you feel better.
    If you want to chat to one of us here do ring us on the freephone number.
    Best wishes
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    What a rotten thing to happen, poor you. I agree with what's been said, the fall may have triggered a flare up or you may have actually damaged/pulled some tendons or ligaments or even broken something. I'd be inclined to see the GP again, I saw my GP 3 times and he failed to diagnose a bad flare up that landed me in hospital. If you have access to a Rheumy nurse I'd give her a call and see if she can see you.
    Good luck, hope you feel better soon, do let us know how you get on. Meanwhile just be easy on yourself and load up on the pain meds.