Just want to whinge!!

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Still not sure how to use the forum properly. So If this is not the right place, I am sorry.

Have had a bad chest infection, and been off work for two weeks. Arther hip played up as expected (painful), as I was 'under the weather'.

Planned to return to work, and had a massive flare up! Felt such a wooz. Had to take another 3 days off!

Never been the sickly type, but accepted the chest infection, it happens. Amazed how from feeling so much better, I deteriorated with my hip flare up.

I have been back at work a week, and had two awful days, when I really thought I had to go home.

I have now revisited OH, and have an appointment to have my duties at work reviewed.

I am concerned to do this correctly and would appreciate any advice. Thanls for listening to my late night waffle. And why dooes this screen keep jumping!!


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    You seemed to have got yourself in a right pickle. Let me know you are still there.

    Trisher x
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    Hi Heathrow

    I'm sorry that you are having a bad time at the moment, and do hope you get better soon.

    I do not work, so I cannot help you with that.

    In the morning if you log on, go to the WWA Forum, there will be many peeps there who can help with those problems.

    You can use all the forums, the LWA is where members go to get advice from others, in your situation.

    There also is the Chit Chat Forum, which tends to be a light hearted Forum where lots of members go for advice but also it is more up beat and fun

    You are welcome in all Forums and members are really nice people and we tend to have fun but also be supportive.

    I will see you about tomorrow and hope you will feel a litle better.

    Trisher xx
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    Hi Everyone,

    I've moved this thread here from the Say Hello forum as Heathrow has problems with work.

    Take care
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    Hi Heathrow

    Depending on the nature of your work and how your condition affects it will depend on the recommendations of OH.

    Ideally they should put changes in place which will allow you to still be a fully functioning member of staff. But it will depend on the size of the place you work for, the ability they will have to move you and of course their willingness to do so.

    Having read another message where someone has been fired for having the condition, it seems my situation (which is too long winded to go in to now) is not half as bad.

    Make sure you tell the OH nurse, or doctor, just how bad it gets and what makes it flare. Whatever you say they will report. Don't worry about making it sound as if you are moaning, they need to know how bad it gets and how your work can elp you get through the bad times and what to expect from you if you are having such a time.

    If there's anything more you need, just ask, and I'll try and be more specific, but I hope this helps for now at least

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