Just want to whinge!!

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Still not sure how to use the forum properly. So If this is not the right place, I am sorry.

Have had a bad chest infection, and been off work for two weeks. Arther hip played up as expected (painful), as I was 'under the weather'.

Planned to return to work, and had a massive flare up! Felt such a wooz. Had to take another 3 days off!

Never been the sickly type, but accepted the chest infection, it happens. Amazed how from feeling so much better, I deteriorated with my hip flare up.

I have been back at work a week, and had two awful days, when I really thought I had to go home.

I have now revisited OH, and have an appointment to have my duties at work reviewed.

I am concerned to do this correctly and would appreciate any advice. Thanls for listening to my late night waffle. And why dooes this screen keep jumping!!

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