N.E.C Birmingham *thumbs up*

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Hello everyone,

Today i went to the good food show in Birmingham, and i just wanted to reccommend/speak highly of the venue for disabled visitors.

Today we got to the NEC at around 10.30am and qued! Then we showed the steward my Blue badge and they told us to go through the gate over 2 round abouts! I then meet another steward who asked to see my blue badge (luked at picture to confirm i was said disabled person) and then he let us throught. We went round the corner to the disabled bays around 30/40 of them and we literally parked at the door (we could not have got any closer!).

I had reserved a wheelchair and it was ready and waiting for me upon arrival. My partner wheeled me around and they even had safe disabled toilets (i would have fallen up the stairs other wise lol!).

The only down side is im totally knackered and will have an early night!

So if anyone is thinking of going to the NEC and were worried about disabled access ect please dont its fantastic!



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    Hi, It sounds as if you have had a really nice day today.

    It makes a nice change to hear of somewhere that is good at looking after the dis-abled. So many places just have some wheelchairs and a few wheel chairs!

    Have a nice restful weekend now.
    Love Sue
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    Thank you, i thought id write my experience up as thought it may help others in the future.

    Sue id love to have a relaxing weekend but unfortunatly i have a family party ive got to go to tommorrow evening but i do intend of having a nice long sleep maybe ill get up in time for the party hehe

    Of to world of nod now night all take care xx
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    Really brill to hear you had a great day out with your man! It's all or nothing, isn't it? :lol::lol: Enjoy the party too. 8)

    Elna x
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