One of those days!

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Yesterday was one of those days- you know the sort- the ones you think can't get any worse but does!!!!
Started off, Hubby gets up for his shower only to inform me half way through that his bosses have decided on dress down fridays and he wanted a particular and jumper to go in. Well since my Godmother passed away ironing hasn't been at the top of my to do list. So got out of bed and ironed his requested clothes. Got little one her breakfast, saw hubby off to work, got a quick shower myself and just as I was getting dressed the door bell went and it was my friend with her lad who I take to school on mondays and fridays. Had a moan to her about dress down fridays(!!!) when the phone rang. It was uber cool 16 year old saying 'Mum I've left my folder at home could you bring it to school please?' Usual questions like 'where is it?' and 'what did you do that for?' So I agreed to take said folder to school and told her to wait outside and I would throw it at her as I drove past to take little one to her school. 'But Mum I'm at Sherriff this morning!' Sherriff is the boys Grammar school in the town no where near the other school and where she has business studies 3 times a week. So after much cursing I found said folder and put it and the kids in car. Remembered car was booked in for a service and I had to take my licence to get courtesy car. Out of car again, unlocked door and looked for licence -found plastic bit but not paper bit. Locked door, gets in car, kids already there: 'Mummy you forgot the tombola prize for non uniform day!' B****r it!! Back out of car, unlock door, hobble upstairs get late Godmothers rather nice Christmas pressie that I just can't find the heart to give to anyone else, hobble back down stairs, lock door, get in car where kids are just about to kill each other!!!! Start to drive to school 'Mum you forgot the sweets for class that I've got to take in 'cos it's my birthday tomorrow!!' B****r!!! Pulls into car park, try to march fighting 6 years old kids to Co-op , I'm hobbling they're fighting what a sorry sight!!! 'It's ok Kate I'll take them up to school' says my friend -so they go to school I hobble to Co-op. Co-op has no fun size sweets B****r!!! Got some other sweets 2 packs for a £2.50, so picked up 4 packs-go to pay -'£9.96!' says the Assistant.'B****r ' says I 'No way'. Hobbles back to shelf with Assistant in tow to show label. 'Till please' she shouts 'B****r ' I shout!! Gets sweets for a fiver, hobbles to school to give in sweets. Hobble back to car. Sees folder 'B****r' says I. Drives into town in 9o'clock traffic. Goes to other school drops off folder. Drives down to garage for car service. 'I've booked a courtesy car!' 'Licence' 'B****r' says I 'only got plastic bit! Having really bad day!!!' 'OK Mrs Kelly as its you' 'Thank you kind man I will have your babies!!!' Gets courtesy car 'B****r' forgot to tell them I need an automatic!! Still got my manual licence so can drive legally but painfully.
Just when it can't get any worse I had to face the TEMPLE OF DOOM!!! Asda on a friday morning. Couldn't get parked as all disabled places were full (I won't even go there in this rant!!!) eventually got parked in their underground car park. Parked the furthest point away because of needing to open doors wide etc. Did a full shop (which I usually don't attempt on my own but t'was a case of needs must and even the dogs were going to leave home because of the lack of proper food since Godmother's departure!).
When I got back to the car it was surrounded on all sides- 'B****r!' Had to pull car forward to get to boot. Couldn't open boot!! 'B****r' was now turning to 'B******s!' Got boot open and then I started to laugh maniacally. I fitted 3 bags in the boot!!(should have been called a flipflop it was that small!!). several bags on the rear seat and the rest on the passenger seat and in the foot well. Driving home hits the temporary traffic lights when 'B****r,B******s and every other expletive under the sun exploded from my inner being!!!! I realised my house key was in car at the garage!!!!!
Ring Hubby 'fancy skiving off work I've left my key in car'. 'Can't going into meeting'. B********************************************!!!
Ring 16 year old -'Where are you???'I screamed 'On bus to girls Grammar school!' 'Don't go in I need your house key!' Back through road works get the key and then drive home crunching gears and in tears of pain mixed with just a tad of frustration. Got home eventually and emptied the 3 bags out of the boot, the mountain that had fallen out in the back seats and the rapidly defrosting food stuffs off the passenger seat!!! I got into the house, closed the door, took the last of the bags into the kitchen when..... my mobile gives its dulcet tones to tell me I had a text message........"This is great central Garage we are pleased to inform you that your car is finished please collect a soon as possible thank you for your custom!' 'B*****r%%%%%&&&&^^^^^))))"""£££££*!

I truly hope you all had a better day and I think I swore more yesterday than the rest of the year put together!!! :shock: :shock: The joys of family life- still I wouldn't swap it! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:


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    Hi Kate

    Well I don't know what to say, if it had been Friday 13th well.

    I do hope everything sorted it's self out in the end.

    A little ((((((hugs)))))) for you to make you feel better,

    love Trisher xxx
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    Hi Kate,

    Oh thats a not too good day and like Trish all I can say is ((((( ))))) Cris x
  • annie_mial
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    Oh Kate, I think your calendar flipped and thought it was the 13th! Those days are exactly like going to the dentist, lovely when it's over!

  • tkachev
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    Kate you wore me out just reading it!
    Best wishes
  • mellman01
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    Great post although it sounds like you have had a rough old time of it but I liked the way you tell it really good.
  • dachshund
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    Hi Kate.
    what a busy life you lead.i hope this week is quieter.
    good luck. joan xx
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    Oh Kate
    That is such a bad day!
    Unfortunately it is also not an unusual day for us mums eh????
    I am so glad you survived it :)
    I won't ask how you are, (but I am very glad to see you) I 've workwed it out for myself - STRESSED!!!
    Take care
    Toni xx

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