Sore today

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Hi, I found it almost impossible to sleep last night, I had a really severe pain in my shoulder, so I couldn't get comfortable, so really tired and still in pain, I did her a fall earlier in the evening so I may have banged on the way down love Jaspercatxx


  • ritwren
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    Oh dear, what a rotten thing to happen. I wonder if perhaps you need to get checked out? Do you think perhaps you've torn a ligament or even may have a small fracture somewhere? If not then I'd take some extra painkillers and maybe put some heat on it and have as much rest as you can. I do hope you feel easier soon and get some rest.
    bye for now
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    oh you have my sympathy, i hurt my shoulder a few weeks ago picking up my daughter. it still hurts on and off but my rheumy said it was ligaments and so may take a while to feel betterm the fact that my shoulder is effected by my RA doesn't help, but i have found a wheatie bag on my shoulder at night helps alot.
    i hope you feel better soon.
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    Hi Jaspercat,

    I hope your feeling much better today? If it isn't easing up you probably do need to get it checked out. This falling is so good for upsetting things isn't it? I hope you soon feel better and get some decent sleep. Luv Cris x