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Hi !!! I've seen my new consultant last thursday... I'm very happy (Drs seem very approachable here....open minded and responding to my many questions) we agree that the only option I have is TKR in both legs.. I am now keen to end this maddening pain ... with whatever Drs sugest. he said that he will try to get me"in" a.s.a.p. and explained my options for aftercare.....
I want to ask you people for some information about the type of prostesys available, and how they have rated -for those that had TKR...- I've read in the forum that there are various types and someone recomended a Dutch one ? I do not remember, neither can find the dialogue to check. Please, let me know about your experiences so, I will be clear wht to ask, when I see the surgeon.
I've been so aginst the operation that I did close my mind ever to consider the options. Looking forward for your answers which will be very useful.


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    Hi Jools.
    i have had my tkr 5 years now i'm pleased i had it done as i was in so much pain i could not put any weight on my foot and when i had the op i have not had any pain since it hurts when i kneel
    but thats all.
    i go to the gym and go on the treadmill and ball.
    i'm sorry i do not know what kind of knee i've got.
    good luck. joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    thank you Joan... I am pleased to heard that you do not regret having them done, ( it is encouraging ) I am quite young "mentally" and hope to enjoy my new retirement and my new home and surroundings but, I am terrified to be unable to do so because i've had my legs chopped (I know, I am exagerating ) but the fear is real and I know that there is not turning back after TKR.
    I've heard good and few bad reports ( and of course, I listen to the bad ones...
    Your answer is good and helpfull, thanks again.
    "see" you at the Forum.
    Cheers :D:D:D
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    Hi Jools

    In January 2008 I had a TKR and my surgeon routinely uses the Johnson PFC Sigma Knee Replacement. I am having my other knee done at the end of January next year. I have been very pleased with my "new" knee and hope the other one will come up trumps too. I shall be 59 (just) when I have the second knee "done". So all will be done and dusted before my 60th. :lol: :roll: :lol::lol:

    Any questions, just ask and I shall do my best to answer.

    Elna x
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    [Hi Elna !!! a million thanks.. I wil sound very savvy when I"hit " him with the question.. ( I've told that I visit the forum and apparently they were pleased) . I asked if there will be no problems given the funny shape my legs have (combed like a cowboy) the reumy made some graphics on the PC and said there are not that bad. He told me that the main problem is that people do no do the excersices due to the pain they cause, since I am a chicken and with very low pain treshold I wonder..If I could book a regular physio to "force" me to do them. I feel that Drs here are more open and don't get winded up when I ask or explain that I am a coward.
    I wonder how long will I be unable to do small things for myself .. since I leave alone. I will search for the Johnsons PFC Sigma KR to see what is all about.
    I've googled TKR and it seems that in the States some surgeons work with new technics that minimalice the post op because does not interfere with the muscles. ..
    Thanks again