New pain after a long week

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Hello everyone,

Good news -i managed to get through a long week.

Bad news - Im paying for it now badly. I know this may sound weird but ive been getting a lot of pain at the back of my knee and side of, is this RA symptoms? All the normal over done it pains are back.

Oh i forgot to say i brought a heat pad called "magic heat" at the good food show and its amazing for my feet!



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    Hi sorry your suffering.
    I can sympathize with the knee pain.
    I get pain in the back & side of my knees & its a new kind of pain to me too.
    Have OA & this feels very uncomfortable too,like the back of my knee is so tight & that makes walking on more painful & difficult.
    Ive always got the pain in the side of my knees & the front inside the kneecap.
    But ive also got Fibromyalgia so i thought the tightening at the back of my knee could have been caused by that.The ligaments or tendons tightening.
    so i really dont know the answer for you.
    Hope you can get an answer to you problem.
    luv debs
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    Hi Madness,

    I'm sorry your are getting so much pain just now (you as well Debs) I really hope it will calm down for you soon.

    I also got so much I feel like screaming but I know I have really over done things the last few weeks and for mine is 100% payback. Your sound like it might be but if it doesn't settle soon maybe you should get it looked. Its probably better to really. I'm a old hat at payback so I don't get mine seen but you have to know it is 'just' payback to be so blase about it I guess? Hope it soon goes though Luv and a ((( ))) Cris x
  • madness1985
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    Hey Debs,

    Thank you for the reply. That sounds like wat i have, the tightening feeling. A few times my knees have given way on me unfortunatly and ive nrly gone over (i would have if my heart wouldnt have been holding me). I hope its not a different type of arthur RA is painful enought!
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    Hi Madness

    I hope you feel better soon, nice you got a heatbag for your feet.

    trisher xx
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    i have RA and me knee's get very painful, my left one especially but i think thats something to do with the weakness in my right hip.
    i find that at night i wake up alot needing to move my legs as knee's seem to stiffen up, this often brings tears to my eyes as it is so painful.
    i had a steroid injection in my left knee 2 weeks ago and it's been bliss not having any pain, not sure how long it will last but it really has been lovely!.
    i find heat pads are very helpful, i need to get some new ones soon.