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Hi there,

I'm currently signed off work by my Consultant & GP, will have been off for a month in total, Consultant signed me off for the 1st 2 weeks and my GP the 2nd week.

I have had PA since the birth of my son in 2006 and have probably had a month off every year with flare ups. I have to stress that my employers have been really really understanding and made me a "Vulnerable Person", this gives a certain amount of leeway with sickness etc.

However this time I think that they are going to look at my capability to do my job, which when the medication is working or I'm full of steroids is no problem at all, I work in a customer service role, well I deal with complaints actually! I must be mad! :oops:

Anyway I am hoping to request to go on part time hours ( my son will be starting school in September so I am hoping to tie it in with that) however my question is, could I ask for less hours on health grounds or would they just say you are either well enough to work or you're not? I know that only they can answer this but wondered if anyone had any experience of asking for reducced hours due to Arthur?

Any advice gratefully received!

Love Jo


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    Hi Jo,
    im pretty sure that your condtion will fall under which case you can asked for reasonable adjustments to help you stay in work..
    Under this is ' change in hours'..( google DDA) yes , unless they can prove that your request is 'unreasonable' should be fine...It might be that if you think about your job role, look at ways that the hours you want fit in....
    Good luck
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    I agree, you may well be able, because of your condition to request a change of hours but I'd tell them it's because of health reasons and not for family reasons if you want to claim them under the DDA (if you know what I mean)
    The helpline who's number is on the top of this page should be able to help you too.
    good luck

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