advice on what to ask at pre-op

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I have a pre op appointment on friday for my neck problem they are going to remove two discs and fuse the neck togeter in early january. I know there are risks to my vocal cords and i will have sore throught and be a bit husky for a while and in the worst case it can all go horrible wrong but that is only about 3% of cases. i have looked up the procedure and know whats involed and how they plan to do it.
So what sort of other question would you suggest asking.
They have asked me to give information about what help i might need i have grab rails everywhere anyway and a toilet stand and a rise and recline chair. What else should i be thinking about. Its difficult as i dont know what i may need after an op like this. My aunt scared me in october and said that i should find out more about this op but didn't elaberate as we were at a family party at the time and she lives the other side of the county but haven't found there to be any real resons not to have it but have found plenty to have it would you know of any other reasons not to have it. Sorry this is so long but as i started writting it all just pored out thankyou in advance of you answer. :lol:


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    First of all good luck with your appointment. If you're at the stage of having an operation I suspect things have not been good for some time. I guess everyone will have their own questions they'd want to ask and I'd ask the nurse to explain everything in terms you understand, including pain relief afterwards, how long you'll be in hospital, what sort of follow up and review you'll have. I think from reading your post you are aware of the success rates etc..... but it would be worth asking how the op will actually help in terms of your daily activities, will it mean less pain but more stiffness?
    Hope it goes well for you.
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    Hi Chinablue
    It sounds as if you have researched the actual operation well and know what will happen.
    Do you know which surgeon is doing the operation and what his experience is? I might ask if there could be any complications that you should be aware of that would require you to seek medical advice.
    I agree with Rita about asking how long you will be in hospital & about pain relief. Also, will you receive physiotherapy and how mobile will they expect you to be before you go home. You should have an Occupational Therapy assessment in the hospital to see what help you might need when you get home. This information is passed to the community OTs who will then organise any equipment or services. This is usually called a Care Package or Community Care Package and worth asking about.
    Let us know how you get on.
    Best wishes
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    Thankyou for your sugestions i will let you know how it gose on friday my sister read the forms for me as sometimes you just can't face forms or even make sense of them just because you are feeling unwell. She said that it did say that they may still pull the plug on the op as they do all the test to see if you are still in need this is worring as i dont know how i will carry on if they don't do something. i will let you know what is going on when i have been to the pre op thankyou again CB :lol: