cold remedies please!

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I'm in the middle of a flare up and have started with - yet another cold!

So far I've had swine flu in September (or just flu, I'm not really sure) and am now onto my third cold since the start of October. :cry:

Has anyone got any ideas for cold remedies/things that can help build my immune system before I start asking Santa if I can guide his sleigh this year! :D

haze x


  • skezier
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    Hi Haze,

    Oh I sympathise with you! I had this one for so long I lost track. It just keeps on reinfecting and well my Rumo said the best cure for me would be stay at a constant temperature and don't get wet...... Those are the 2 things I can never actually do so please if you find a cure let me know :lol::lol: Its horrible isn't it? I put it down to the sulfa and my immune system was already compromised but I have no idea why I can't just throw it off this time. Take care and hope you soon loose it. Cris
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    Sorry to hear you're under the weather again. I too find it very hard to shake off, it lasts so much longer than it used to. I agree with Cris about keeping at the same temperature and also with pixy about the honey and lemon, it really is good. You have to be careful what you buy over the counter with all the meds you're taking. What I find good is to use garlic in as many dinners as I can as it's supposed to have good properties. Hope you get lots of good ideas that we can all use. :D
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    Ginger tea is good Haze.
    Home made if poss, not the teabags.

    Very soothing.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    kath x
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    one large mug, boiling water to top 1 large tea spoon runny honey,1 large slice of fresh lemon, suger to taste . enjoy ! :wink:

    Oooh, Jan, I agree. I add a level teaspoon of ginger and/or cinnamon to mine. If you don't like the 'bits' you could pour it through a teastrainer.

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    At the start of winter I always take a course of Echinacea with Vit C and I very rare get colds or flu (she touches wood ) so maybe worth a try.

    It builds up your immune system and you don't have to take it all the time.
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    Hi, last year I did well and didn't get much in the way of colds, but today I have a sore, catchy throat. :( So I think it might be vomminh on. Love Sue
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    i wont repeat as its all been said with the lemon and honey plus the ginger , and iff you are aloud a drop of brandy in it just for good measure as that will give you inner insulation xx
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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    just logged back on, thanks so much for the sympathy and suggestions, in fact just the sympathy is a tonic - don't get much of that at home, kids still need feeding no matter what! Shouldn't grumble too much though as the 13 year old made his own tea ahhh.

    I'm definitely thinking honey and lemon with maybe a dash of whiskey lol!

    hope everyone else with the sniffles is feeling better too!

    haze x
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    :) Hello,i hope you are feeling better now. Along with the good advice you have had i use a couple of drops of Olbas Oil on my clothes. It certainly keeps my nose clear. Again if you are a allowed port and brandy mixed can help when you have a cold. Best Wishes, Brian.