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I have just done a lot of reading about MRSA because my DiL has this andis due to have a 10 day spell in hospital for more treatment.
She has been fighting Non Hodgkins for years and two years ago underwent bone marrow transplant from her sister.
needless to say, her recovery is very slow and unless she can get these infections sorted and doesn't get any more, e.g fungus on the lungs, pneumonia and this MRSA, which keeps returning.

As I have a reduced immune system - I'm on MTX and steroids, am I at risk. From what I have read I must admit I don't really understand it.



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    That is a very interesting question.

    I know that the MRSA bug can and did take months before it went. It was very aggressive and I has to have infusions of antibiotics.
    Also I had loads of them during the day.

    The doctors just used across the board antibiotics.

    I know that any visitors were not allowed to sit on the beds because of cross infection but I don't know about your question.

    Sorry Joy.

    Trish xxx
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    Hi Joy
    If your immune system is suppressed because of your medications then, in theory, you are more prone to infections and I can understand your concerns over MRSA.
    This is really a medical question and needs discusssing with your rheumy or specialist nurse.
    If you are going to visit your relative in hospital and the ward is carrying out infection control procedures - gowns, masks, gloves etc - then do follow them carefully.
    Best wishes
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    If your imune system is week then it is generally safer to stay away from areas where there are alot of infections such as hospitals.

    If you want to know if you carry MRSA there are simple swab tests you can take which you can get from your GP, a pharmacist or from reputable online shops such as ###DELETED### . They will find out if you carry MRSA and so you would then be able to kill it using simple measures before it causes you or someone else an infection.