crying in pain .. bk to square one?

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through out the day ive fely my joints getting stiffer n more painful. Well i couldnt eat coz my cutlery was to heavy (ive lighter ones but they wasnt ready to use). my left hand has to shape, i crnt lift nefink, even needed help with toilet. my feet have bin in heat pack for hours and they r killing me. feel like ive gone bk wards just to cry


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    Hi, I am at a loss as to what to say, I am really feeling for you, have you any help? perhaps you should ring the on call doctors and ask for stronger painkillers, sincerely hope that you brighter and in less pain tomorrow love Jaspercatxx
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    ive taken my painkillers n they aint working. im ringing rhmy nurse in morning i crnt use my left hand at all, just dunno wat todo
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    What a rotten time you're having. For sure see someone tomorrow. Are you on treatment and anti inflammatories as well as painkillers. I know you've tried heat packs but it might be worth a try putting alternate ice packs and heat packs on it. I just wish there was something someone could do to help you. Big gentle hugs
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    I am so sorry for you, I wish that I could suggest something useful, but the only thing for it is to get help from your rheummy nurse as quickly as possilbe. Do you have a social worker? It may be possilbe for you to have some care at home to see you over the bad patch or even someone to help you on a perminant basis.

    When you talk to your nurse you must make sure that you let her know just how bad you feel. I sometimes find myself saying that I can manage something when I know that I can't, just out of pride, but that won't get you the help you need.

    I hope that you manage alright tonight and get a bit of rest. Tomorrow you will be able to find either your nurse, GP or Rheummy.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a bit of rest tonight, love Sue
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    Hi Madness.
    I was a bit like you at the beginning when I had Psoriatic Arthritis confirmed. And also later when I had RA. Has your Rheumy suggested an injection, cortisteroid it think I had. I've had so many injections of different things I've lost count.
    I know they are expensive, but you can buy cutlery from the Able Care shops or similar. If you could have a fairly urgent referral to an Occupational Health, they can do wonders, especially with therapy and hot wax treatments. They made some splints for me which I use at night. Another thing they suggested as a quick alternative was using pipe lagging cut into short pieces to slide your knife and forks handles into.
    A know what it's like to suffer the initial pain of arthritis before you start getting the right cocktail of medication into your system and they find what is right for you. At the same time there are ways you can help yourself by using maybe a TENs machine, bought from Lloyds Chemists. It was one of the best things I ever bought. Wheatie bags are good too, which you heat up in microwaves. Chemists normally sell these. Putting alternate heat and cold on inflammation areas as you would sprains and bruises also helps.
    Do hope you can sort out something soon. I'm sure everyone else will advise you likewise. Hope you get sorted soon. Try and rest too.

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    i was just like you describe before my RA was diagnosed, it would last between 24 and 48hrs and i needed help with everything. so i do sympathise with you, not that it will help you.
    but i will say that 2 yrs on i've not had any flare ups as bad as that. i have flare ups stil but nothing like how you describe, so it really does get better.
    i hope you feel better soon.