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Hi I am an artist and drawing is almost all my life. Since I have been diagosed with Arithritis, I have been unable to pick up a pen to draw and write and in constant pain. So frustrated with the pain and the fact that I cannot use a pen like I used to.

I really want to know if I am alone, is it only me that I get so wound-up by it, typing is not satisfying my needs. are there products out there that can help me???

thank you for reading, I want to get it off my chest!


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    Hi Je_ham,

    Firstly welcome to the forum, they are a nice lot here. I know the frustration thing only too well, sadly a lot of us do so I promise you its not just you. There are a couple of Artists on the site and I really hope they will be able to help you. I have trouble holding a pen and even my signature is rubbish now but I have started to use a big pen that is easier. I think it was Suster who said about a splint that hold the pen for you so maybe something like that would help you?

    I am sorry I not well up on the aids you could use. Maybe it would be better if you posted this over on the living with arthritis forum as more people would see it and I really hope you can get some help. Take care and it does get easier I promise you. Cris
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    Hi je_ham don't worry about venting your frustrations on here most of us have been down the same road, I was diagnoised with advanced OA in both patella a few years back and it's been interesting to say the least, Oh can I ask what pain meds are you on?.