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I've spent the last month going to the GP trying to get treated for my finger joints, back and my right wrist being stiff, swollen and painful. They gave me diclofenac and some sort of steroid shot, but it's not that great so i'm having to take co-codimal, together they work well enough but the swelling has not gone down. It remained in my hands, wrist and back til very recently when it has also moved to my right second toe, and now my right knee is starting to stiffen slightly. My appt with the arthritis clinic is the 18th of Dec but I'm freak'n out that it's going to spread through out my body before anything gets done. Is it normal for it to spread so fast I can't really find anything on other websites.


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    im now 17 but at 5 i got diagnosed with it in my finger and right wrist. But then spread to knees and back and reading this really made me think wow im not the only one. Now i have it in both knees and my jaw also. I gain somewhere like every year which is weird. <3