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hi everyone :)
I am in terrible pain all down my spine I have taken all of the painkillers i can and all the docs will give I am awaiting a disc opperation on my neck and have been for the pre op where i asked lots of questions so know all about that the op is in early jan so not long now but the rest of my spine is giving me real problems i did ask them about it and they said after my op they would proberly get an MRI of the rest too. But is there anything you can surgest mean time don't know what to do with myself because of pain. :(
things i have tried is to ocupie my mind by doing things but just can't as pain increases. Laying down on my memory foam topper and pillows tried all sorts of ways. doing things on the computor while laying down I have had tramadol and gabapentine and diclofenic and others too but so far nothing helping pllllease helpppp! looking forward to your reply CB :)


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    Hi Chinablue
    I'm sorry to hear you are still in so much pain. Ask your GP what else he can prescribe. There are pain patches called Butrans which you wear for a week & it slowly, continuously releases the medication. It's a heavy duty drug but it sounds as if that's what's needed right now.
    Keep going with your relaxation and distraction techniques. Try & focus completely on something, either visual such as an intricate piece of jewellery or a sound such as a whale song tape, a cat purring or a bird singing. Try running your fingers over different surfaces - is it warm, cold, soft, smooth, rough - really be aware of the way it feels and how your fingers feel when touching it.
    Often it's a combination of things when you're managing pain. I hope this has helped a bit & I hope others will reply with their ideas.
    Best wishes