Hair straightners + painful hands = bad day!

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Hi all,

Just a warning and rant!!

I use GHD's every morning and have done for the past 10 years without a problem.
Yesterday i was having a bad arthritis day and managed to loosen my grip and the slid out of my hand - was so proud of myself for catching them for about to 10 seconds of relief!

However, i looked at them and realised id caught the ceramic plate and had it gripped in my hand - after finally letting them go and a long time under cold water i now have 2 fingers with 3rd degree burns down the length of them and wrapped up to look like snowmen :(

The lesson - dont catch ceramic GHD's or :(
Sorry for my rant


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    Aww poor you and ouch, that sounds very painful! Do you have someone else to help straighten your hair if you need to? I was useless at mine, I've given up and mousse it and let the curls run free!

    Wish your poor hand better.