In my 40s with JIA!

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I'm having no luck in finding info on JIA in adulthood and wondered if you could help?

I was diagnosed with JIA aged 7, but after a grim 3 or so years it burnt itself out. Relapsed in my 20s (I put it down to the stress of organising my wedding!), and have again relapsed at the grand old age of 43.

Problem is, whenever people have asked what is wrong with me, I have said that I have RA - because it's just easier to say that! I've now even started to confuse myself!

Could you tell me what the differences are between the 2, if there are any, and are there any other medical checks I should be seeking. I have never had eye problems in the past but I do know they can crop up in children with JIA.



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    Hi Lois,

    Thank you for your enquiry to us at Helplines.

    The difference between JIA and other inflammatory arthritis is something which a rheumatologist ought to discuss with you really as it's quite technical. What I've understood is that it looks different when your joints are examined - because they were affected before you stopped growing.

    With my layman's hat on the treatments are broadly similiar. And the monitoring that the rheumatologists need to do would be a matter to discuss with them.

    If you are concerned about eye problems you'd need to discuss that at your rheumy - any urgent flare up with eyes ought to be taken straight to the eye hospital - they have the steriod drops etc.

    Hope that signposts you ok

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    I have 3 different types of arthritis. RA,OA.PA plus it says Agressive Erosive Arthritis.

    Is it common to have arthritis like this? Do you know why it happens at all?

    Best Wishes Trisher xx
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    It's not uncommon to have more than one type of arthritis and usually there isn't a known cause for any of them.