Finger Ruptures

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I wonder if you can hekp me at all?

My Consultant, told me that my little finger is going to "Rupture any moment".

I could not ask him anything because, I was trying to absorb what he had said. Then he was gone.

When I was in hospital, he said it again. I, once again was put off because he was telling students and other doctors how my hand and fingers were more affected with Aurthur worse than shown on my x rays.

Can you help or explain what he may have meant by this please.

Best Wishes

Trisher xx


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    Hello Trisher
    This is not a helpful remark for your doctor to say. I really don't know what he means by it and it would be unwise to start guessing.
    Was this your rheumy & have you got a specialist nurse you can contact and ask what he wrote in your notes? Or he should have written a letter to your GP and you can ask if he has said something in that.
    If a doctor says something you don't understand always ask him to explain - even if he is busy and has students around. If the thought of doing this doesn't sound easy, practice how you might say it so, if the problem does come up again, you feel confident in your ability to express yourself well.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Val

    I have an appointment at Rheumy next week. I will ask if they know.

    It was said by my Consultant Orthopedic surgeon, specialises in hand surgery.

    I will find out as I hav to see him on the 21st December.

    Thank you anyway for your reply.

    Best Wishes Trisher xx