My appointment with the school nurse

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Well I did what the headmaster required and went to see the school nurse, I went with an open mind and as it turned out she was very nice.

She has a son with Astma and said she has had all the letters home about attendence ect....anyway she went through options with me and said she would get the head to back off as its whats best for shannon but that I need to show that I am trying the different options.

The first is with me giving the injection to shannon myself because at the moment the nurse comes out to do it , the second being that we do it in a lunch time and the 3rd maybe the nurses go into the school and do it there!! I said i am happy to try and do the injections although when shannon was on the tablets she really hated me and blamed me for making her take them it got very bad and very upsetting, so I am concerned that this will happen again, but I also understand she does have to have it ect. Lunchtime may be an option as she will ONLY have to worry for 3 hours at school untill lunchtime is due!!!! ( she will be in the toilet for most of the morning) and the 3rd Im not sure doing it at school is a good idea but I have been told that I need to see if any of these options are worth thinking about.

She told me to go away and have a think?????????

Tonight shannons cons rang and has informed me that he has wrote a letter stating that she is on a powerful medication and needs to have it and as a family it is best that she has it on a wednesday morning and he would be greatful if they can allow shannon an hour off to have medication that is strongly needed ect....thankgod he is on my side. He has also wrote a letter to the community peditrician to go into the school and educate the teachers on Arthritis in children.
When I told him that they just assume she is lazy and cant be bothered I thought he was going to explode, he said "for godsake the child has eye disease, knee disease is on methotrexate ect how do they expect her to be" him saying that really hit home again and made me mad at the school for the way they are treating my little girl....things have got to change in all areas now!!

So the battle continues.........

Take Care


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    Dear Sam

    I am so relieved to read that you have Shannon's consultant backing you up with all this. The school is well out of order, big time, to the point of cruelness, I feel, to both of you. They ought to be named and shamed really when it has blown over. You know your own daughter better than anyone and she and you are going through enough without "them" poking their noses in, totally inappropriately. I do hope that you feel more confident now that you have some good support in this nightmare, that you so need at this time. All you wish for is the best for your daughter and the school must begin to understand this fast.

    Elna x
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    I'm so pleased you have such a supportive cons and are going to fight the school.
    I'm a teacher with arthritis and when i was diagnosed and had my THR this year - being only 27 i found the school decided to view me as lazy as in their opinion arthritis only happens in older people, and there are people in there 60's working without complaining and so should i !
    I had such a fight with them and even now almost a year on i get treated differently than before and face prejudice everyday - although it is getting better. and the best news ... the pupils i teach are so understanding and treat me exactly the same.

    I know you have a hard fight on your hands, but im sure everything willl go your way - just hang in there!

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    what fantastic news that the consultant is backing you up. i was so pleased when i read this!
    i think the school need eduxating to, they obviously have no idea!
    well done!
    sue x
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    I'm so happy the consultant is willing to fight your corner for you hugs. Hope this doesn't drag out to long hugs xxx
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    Top Man on your side (consultant) and the letter great....they are willing to do this which confirms you are telling the truth (!).........well you know the rest i.e my PM! clap clap...