Ciclosporin aka Neoral

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I know that most of you may be on holiday. The hospital want me to start this drug next week.

I cannot find anyone who has been on this.

I'm very worried about taking this, especially as there is no one to ask for any experience like we do.

Because I have got a long complicated medical history, I cannot take mext and drugs like that.

Do you know if this is a new medication? They sent a pamplet to me to read.

It is the fact that no one seems to have been on it.

Trisher xx


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    Hello Trisher
    Ciclosporin is not a new medication - it is tried and tested but not usually given as a first DMARD. It could be because you cannot take some of the others that your rheumy is trying this one.
    The literature the hospital gave you may be the ARC information but if not here it is
    If you put your question on the Living with Arthritis site it might get more views and you might get a reply from someone who is taking it.
    Best wishes