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Hi, I was just wondering how you get to know your levels and blood results? When I have my mtx test done the nurse never fills in the book unless I ask, then I have to ask if its all ok. Usually its just the ESR and CRP are high, and she just says its ok just inflamation.
If I forget then its not filled in, as last Friday.
Also when seeing the consultant, they ask how I am, but never mention what my levels are like when I tell them I have alot of pain and stiffness. I can never seem to get a straight answer, they just say to carry on with mtx (which isnt working) and wait and see. From reading posts on here it seems that people get an added DMARD or prednisone to help feel better. They also know I work with 2 babies, so a very physical job, but just smile when I ask if that makes it worse!
How do I approach this? I feel like they dont listen, and dont have time to answer questions, they just seem to smile and thats about it. Any help appreciated. Thanks Jay


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    Hi Jay
    Always ask about tests and their results. Ask what test they are doing, what it is for, what the result is and what that result means for you. If you don't undertsand what a doctor or nurse says, ask them to repeat it or to say it in a different way. If you have a book to record results, ask to have it filled in so you can monitor your own progress.
    Although blood results are only one indicator of your condition they are an important one and you can point to them along with any symptoms to explain how you are feeling and ask if your current DMARD is working well enough or if it's time for a change.
    It can be helpful to plan your appointment with your rheumy. Think about what you want to say and what questions you want to ask. Rehearse it so you feel confident in your ability to express yourself well.
    Doctors are always busy - don't be put off by that but, if you have a rheumy specialist nurse, she may have more time to talk.
    Best wishes