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My 7 year old has finally been dygnosed with JIA! Have had her to and from the doctors for years, and finally we have a result.
I have a disability myself, a very suportive hubby and 2 younger children, so I know that now the hard work starts!!!
I would love anyone who has been throught this to talk to and any other support out there!! x x :mrgreen:


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    Hello Lucymum
    I am sorry to read about your daughter.I hope she is now recieving medication that helps.I have a daughter Lucy too she doesnt have any arthritis.There are mums on the young peoples forum and they will offer you much needed support and advice.
    Hope your family have a lovely Christmas.
    Elizabeth and Lucy x
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    tanks for the comment. Lucy is the eldist of 3 and the other two are fine! The docs are taking it one step at a time, they have took bloods and x-rays so that next month they should hopefully b able to start the next stage of treatment!!!!
    Lucy is a little trooper and tries not to complain, her sster Gwen who is almost 6, is a big help and does loads to make lucy'slife better!
    I hope your family ave a good christmas, and a happynew year!
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    Welcome to the forum Lucy's mum,

    I hope you find it as much of a support as I have in the few months I have been a member.

    There are other mum's on here with little ones with arthritis who will be able to offer you there experiences and the rest of us will be able to help you on your way through this tricky time.

    I hope you are all on good form and looking forward to an exciting Christmas!

    Arna x
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    Hi Lucy's mum

    A big Welcome from me too.

    You will find a lot of support on here, there are mum's on here who have young chidren who have arthur.

    Look forward to see you posting.

    Trish xxx
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    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say 'hi' and welcome!

    I was diagnosed with JIA aged 7....some 36 years ago! I grew out of it after a couple of grim years and was symptom free until the age of 23 (I think the stress of planning our wedding brought it back on!). That time, it was active for a couple of years and then nothing until last June. Goodness knows what has caused it to flare up? I suspect a hormone balance, but it's anyone's guess really!

    Fingers crossed your daughter enjoys long remissions too. My cousin was diagnosed with RA aged 15 and has had a much harder time of it.

    Being a mum to 3 kids myself, I can't begin to think how frustrating it must be not being able to sort this out for them. I hope you find this forum as supportive as I have. I have a Lucy too - she's nearly 10!

    Lois x

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