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Hello Im Sue, Im 46 and was diagnosed with Pa/Oa back in July of this year.
I have it in most of my joints worst being my hands.....looking forward to chatting with people in the same boat as me.


  • kiefersangel
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    Howdy Sue! :)
    Welcome to the forum :)

    PA is psoriatic arthritis isn't it? :oops:
    In the same boat as you there :)
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    Hi Sue

    A Big Welcome from me. There is the LWA Forum, where you can chat to people, we all like to support one another.

    The Chit Chat Forum is where we are more relaxed and have The Cafe, where you can eat whatever you want. There is also to be the SkyArc New years Eve Cruise starting. Some of us had a good laugh on the last one.

    Have a look round.

    There will be more others come by soon to say Hello.

    Trish xxx
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    Hello Sue,
    I am 1963 babe too.I have R.A but its as painful as all the other arthurs.So a big welcome from me.
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    Hi Sue and welcome. Look forward to seeing you posting on the other sites, come along and join in the fun.