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I was sent an ARC pamplet to read about this new drug they want me to have Ciclosporin and to see what I thought about taking this.

I had read that you have a book to moniter my blood levels. I asked the Registra about the book.

He told me that they do not think this in necessary and they do not give books to anyone, as they moniter you and would tell your levels changed too much. (they did ring me to tell me my liver results were very high on Sulfasalazine.)

Should you be allowed to know the results. I'm supposed to tell any doctor or dentist that I'm on this drug?

Thank you

Trisher xx


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    Hi Lynn

    I get a copy of the letters sent to my gp from the hospital, so I don't see why you do not know, just in case you need a tooth out or any other dental work you are supposed, or so I believe that if they ask questions.

    This other drug I'm taking can cause gum over growth so the Dentist might need to know.

    Trish xxxx
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    Hello Trisher

    Plenty of people with RA who are taking DMARDS are given books where their blood test results are recorded. They are not only helpful but sometimes essential that allied health professionals such as dentists can see what you're taking. I'm not sure why the registrar was stalling, but you might get a more favourable response by asking the rheumy nurse. It's good to have all your results in one place and it's certainly something you're entitled to.

    Best wishes and happy new year
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    Hi there,

    I have a monitoring sheet that I am supposed to take along to all blood test appointments. I start sulpha tomorrow so just now it's just a blank sheet of paper!

    I hadn't thought about taking it along to dentist appts etc but I can see the sense in it.

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    Hi Trish, just to say that I was given a book for the MTX results at the hospital, it seemed to be a routine thing, I saw others with them.

    I know I have to take it to the dentists with me when I go in February.

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    Yes, well this med Ciclgosporin one side affect is to cause gum overgrowth so i would have thought it important.

    I do not see Rheumy nurses at the moment, only the registra and Consultant until I'm sorted out.

    Thank you for your reply though.
    A Happy New year to you as well :)

    Trisher xx
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    Hi, I am on mtx and get bloods done every month, but although I have a book for monitoring, I have to ask the nurse to fill it in as she never bothers, and if I forget (like last time) I dont know the levels. My ESR was 66 the las time I saw it, which I thought was high, but she just said "oh some inflamation somewhere"