All i want for Xmas are my two front teeth

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Everytime I see the thread title, what people want or got for Xmas I cant stop thinking of the title, all i want for xmas are my two front teeth, and its driving me mad.........
wheres that expression from, is it a song?


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    rehab44 wrote:
    oneday wrote:
    Everytime I see the thread

    Funny you should mention teeth I broke a cap of one of my front ones yesterday

    that will cost u plenty
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    as for breaking a tooth, were you eating something hard like a toffee?
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    Ha you want to go drinking in Didcot then, you would be lucky to come out with any front teeth at all. If your really unlucky you might be missing the odd ear as well.
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    I do the same.This is because my six year old daughter has lost one front tooth and now has only one very,very wobbly tooth at the front which really needed to come out by Christmas.Luckily both were in for her school photo,

    All the best
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    Sarah's two front teeth broke the skin of her gum on Christmas day!!
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    i try not to eat hard stuff as i have broken 2 or is it 3 teeth eating things like boiled sweets and a bit of hard chicken!