Back to school soon!!!!!

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We have really enjoyed the time out from school!! Shannon has been quite well, So school is definately making her arth worse..i think the stress and worry it not helping her!! Which makes me really angry!

I am getting jittery as to where to even begin with the school there is now so much to do where they are concerned. grrrrr

I had a letter from shans cons he has wrote to the community paediatrician explaining that we are having problems with the school understanding the condition so could they send someone out to the school to discuss it with them.

He is the most wonderful man! So supportive.

We have changed the time of her injection to 10.45am as that way shannon wont be marked out for the whole wednesday morning session.. as I will pich her up at 10.30 and hopefully back in asap. He said it should work because they have assembley then so she isnt missing any work as such! so we are going to give it a try and show that we are trying to work with the school so they now need to step up and help her in school!

Sorry for keep going on about it! Its just so frustrating!!

Take Care & A Very Happy New Year



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    I hope things get better with the school soon.
    Lucy's school are not yet aware of her dignosis although they have been very good with her up untill now. To be honest I am not looking forward to discussing everything with them. I know this may sound silly but I hate having to fight for everything. I have had a disability since I was a child, and hav had to fight for it to be regnised time and time again and am not looking forward to having to fight for Lucy!!!!!!! This does not mean I am not willing to I just feel it is so unfair on top of everything else!!!
    So far Lucy has accepted her illness, but I have noticed her becoming a little withdrawn and unwilling to participate in things, as aposed to not being able to do it!!!
    Sorry I am going on again!!!
    I hope Shannon has a better time with school and you do not have to keep fighting with the school!!
    Good Luck!! x x x :lol:
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    I am sorry to read about the difficulties your daughter has had with school. There is nothing worse than not being taken seriously.This is an extremely debilitating and painful illness and she needs all the understanding she can get.Unfortunately it is not an illness that is easily understood but you will need to explain to the school the hows and whys.
    I wish you well.
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