A Very Happy New Year

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.......to each and every one of you. Over the last few months you have given me lots of laughs and some tears.......and I am richer for both. I have also been comforted by the fact that I am not the only one with all the ups and downs of arther!

No doubt 2010 will be much the same as any other year, but for all of you I hope it will be a positive and cheering time!

Thank you all very much.



  • joanlawson
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    Hi Annie

    It is great to know you. You are such fun, and I love your sense of humour. Looking forward to many more laughs on the cruise, and other threads.

    Happy New Year


  • angel1
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    Annie, my love, A Great New Year - especially with the move. You`re my kinda gal!!

    Hey Joannie, you pinched me thingy, and it took me ages to do it!!

  • dachshund
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    Hi Annie.
    a very happy pain free new year to you.
    and everyone else for 2010.
    joan xx
  • trisher
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    A very Happy New Year to you too.

    I hope that you will feel better once you are fully sorted.

    Have a great one this year.

    Love Trish xxxx
  • ninakang
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    Happy new year to you too! Let's hope 2010 is fabulous.

  • chris7
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    Thank you too, your sense of humour shines through all your health problems. I hope it is a positive and cheerful New Year for you and your family and that you keep arther under control.
    Take care