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Hi all, this is my first post, I couldn't sleep so decided to come online and look up arthritis forums.

My name is Rachael and I am 23 years old, and a few months ago after annoying my doctor for help, I had x-rays and was told I have "mild degenerative changes" in my wrist. When I asked what on earth that meant they said Arthritis. I've had problems with my wrist for years since I broke it, but one day, several months ago, it just started killing me, and I got to the point where I'd had enough which is when I went to the doctors.

All he's told me is to take 2 paracetamol, 2 ibuprofen, and a codine tablet. I tried the first two which are no help, but I hate the idea of constantly putting drugs in my system, which dont help with the pain anyway.
He hasnt given me any information, infact until I started looking online I didnt even know there were so many different types of Arthritis, let alone which type I have.

I've just had one physio appointment where she prodded my hand and wrist a lot, did some ultra-sound thing on it which was supposed to help, and told me some exercises I can do but I still feel lost. I dont seem to get much support from my family or friends, I'm sure they think I'm making a fuss over nothing so I dont like to say anything to them anymore, and as for work, I work at an off-licence and I've talked to my boss a bit about my arthritis and while she pretends to be sympathetic she comes out with comments like "oh i get a little bit of arthritis in my hands too", which makes me want to yell at her its not just a bit achy you know, it can be agony!
She allowed me to cut down my hours for what was supposed to be temporary but then turned permanent as they told me they needed to take on more staff. She tells me to get the other staff to lift the beer crates etc but but it makes me feel completely useless and like I'm getting paid for not fully doing my job.I would love to quit my job as it causes me pain, even with my shortened hours but my parents would kill me. They tell me to find another job first but I can't seem to even think of a job I could do that wouldn't hurt.

Sorry to rant at you all, I just need to get it out of my system, and there is more but seeing as itsten to four in the morning I'd better stop typing.



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    hi hun, I understand completly where you r coming from. I am 30 and have had pain since I was 11 due to a rare illness, and to complicate matters I now have arthritusin he same joint. Furthermore my 7 yardhs just beendignosed with JIA arthritis!!!!!!
    I know exactly what u meen by feeling useless and people assuming it's nothing!! No-one who des not suffer can understand completly!!! That is a really sad fact but ture. Like me you prob push yourself to do that bit more, to live up to what everyone expects of you, but stop there and thing, u r not like everyone else!!! I'm sorry to say that to you but hun you have a disability, and th sooner you accept this and adapt yourself and your life to it, th sooner you will feel strong enough to demand that others do too!!!
    You arenot being paid to do half a job, you are doing the job you can and due to your wrists hurting I bet you are doing a really goo job pushing yourself too far!!!!! If your employer is not supportive of this then maybe you would be btter off finding another job, or explaining t your parents how you feel, how much pain you are in and how much worse the pain makes it to cope!As a parent of a disabled child I know that she is restricted compared to my otherchildren, I love her and do not wish to see her push herself too far, and I am sure your parents feel the same!!Just sit down and be honest with them, tell them how much pain you are in andhow you feel and your work makesyou feel!
    Maybe abit of psycotherapy may help youcome to terms with your illness and th restrictions it causes, belive me once you can accept this others will too.
    I know it's hard hun, you are on a rocky road and uneed people around you who understand this.
    this sight is exerlent for tis and I am sure you will find may friends.
    mayb posting in the working forom or living with arthritis will give you better and more approprate responses!!
    I wish you well hun x x x