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Hello all......I been to see a rhumatologist and he diagnosed me with RA, in my left knee...I'm lucky (compared to most peaple on this site soo much pain peaple are in I really feel for you) Anyway he said that he would/could write a letter to my employers to confirm the RA I have.

When I read the letter it says, " He presents with pain and swelling in this knee where arthroscopic findings confirmed a chronic inflammatory synovitis. The clinical diagnosis lies between a mono articular RA or a psoriatic arthritis"

I have been off work for a quite a bit of time (Due to in my veiw miss diognosis, first DVT and the keyhole surgery)

However do you think I should show this to my employer?

and would I be covered by DDA?


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    Hi,...Yes im pretty sure you are....
    I have sero-negative RA and this was found with a biopsy from my fluid in the knee...
    When the occ heath report was done for my works it stated...
    ' DDA is now appliciable'...
    You can ask for reasonable adjustments in the workplace to help you...
    Good luck

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