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Hiya guys got chatting to a lovely lady this morning who told me all about this site and its a relief to find somewhere i can make new friends. It was also a relief to chat to someone who understands how i feel. I was diagnosed around seven years ago with psoriatic arthritis and all the fun stuff that comes with that lol. But thought i would say hi


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    Hi Lynn and welcome to the forum,

    Sorry to hear you have arthritis. I have JIA which is a bit like rheumatoid. Am currently snowed in and spending the day moping up melted snow that the kids bring in to the house and boiling the kettle for hot chocolate drinks.

    Am preying the schools reopen tomorrow. I love my kids dearly but they've been on holiday since 18th December and I'd really like to get rid of them for a few hours!

    Lois x
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    hi lois thanks. we are sort of snowed in but can get out and about but just a little to cold bbbrrrr. I don't have kids yet but understand as i have a niece8 and nephew 2 and my sis has already been on the phone to about it lol so i can just imagine am on my second hot chocolate of the day already any excuse lol :D
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    A big welcome from me.

    I di hope you will like the Forums. You will meet lots of peeps who have arthur. I have RA. We offer support to one another then when we feel like it we hop over to CChat where we relax and have a laugh.

    Hope to see you posting soon

    Trish xx
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    Hi Lynn

    Welcome to the forum. Hope to be hearing more from you soon on the other zones. You have found a good place to chat with others who understand. I am so pleased that you met someone who told you about this site. She certainly did her good turn for the day.

    Elna x
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