Does anyone live near Hull??

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Hi I'm Rachael and I'm 22yrs old, Iv had rheumatoid arthritis for 20 long
I would just love to meet someone around my age and area that i could rant with and who would understand that some days i cant walk fast! I never talk to anyone about my arthritis and usually just ignore the fact i have it, apart from the pills i have to pop are a reminder but usually just like to get on with life.
id love to hear from people and their stories. thanks!!! :mrgreen:


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    Hi Rachel. was just browsing through the topics on here and noticed yours :) im from Hull also but a few years older than you im 34 and suffered with RA for a fair few years now, Im a bit similar to you with regards to the arthritis dont really talk about it unless someone asks. Not sure if theres anyone else on here from these neck of the woods be good if there was to hear from anyone else:D
    Take care
    Sarah :D