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is there anyone here who is in the Durham, Nwcastle, Sunderland type area of the north east??

I would love to meet up with anyone, and for my daughter to meet up with another child, who suffers the same as she does.

I just thought it would be nice to get to know and support eachother, and meet for a coffee now and again!!!

Thanks, I'll keep my fingers crossed x x


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    Hi , I tried the same her, my son is due to have an operation soon on his foot , and is scared of hospitals , I thought maybe if there was someone with simaliar problems and going to the same hospital for the exact same treatment he might be put at ease. But I got no replies :roll: :roll: :? :? , mike Jr is 14 thank god it is still a childrens ward he is going into might have been a differented story if he had of been 15.

    Good luck :):):)

    Mike R & Hazel & MiloJR

    p s : I deleted my post
    Mike R & Hazel & MikeJR
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    yeah i noticed no one had answered!!!
    i hope your little boy is ok, am surehe will be fine, it's always hard, no matter what age they are, to have an op for the first time. You may be happy to hear that most hospiltas alow minors on childrens wards untill they are 18, sometimes all you have to do is ask. I have an illnss which i have had since childhood, and was allowed on a childrens ward up untill i was 18!!!!
    I send my love to you and your family and hope the op goes well x x