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hi every one i have an 11yr old son whom has just been diagnosed with having arthritus in his hip ,knees and ankles he has just undergone sedation to have an injection to help with the pain in his hip but his knee's are really painful so i am not sure how much this has helped him :cry: .i feel really lost at the moment because i don't know much about the disease and the consultant was so matter of fact when he told us that the scan's and xray's were conclusive that i didn't know what to ask her, he is also starting physio to help with his mussle strenghening and to try and help his leg to get straight so any advise would be fantastic.


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    Hi Jordons mum,
    just wanted to say welcome, sorry I cant help with your questions,but someone will be along soon who can.
    Love Barbara x
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    hi jordans mum what your name im val and welcome sorry your son has this it bad enough when a grown up has it but for your child well that not good you will get lots of advice and some one to listen to u when things bad
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    Hi Jordan's mum,

    Just wanted to say welcome. Sorry to hear about Jordan's illness. You're right hun, doctors talk about things as a matter of fact. It's hard enough as patient to know what to ask and it is scary so don't be hard on yourself.

    I suffer with RA and my daughter who is 21 also has flare ups. My only reason for questioning her doctors is purely because Im a sufferer. Not sure I would have been able to ask that many questions if I weren't.

    Have you been in contact with other parents of children going through this illness? Hope you both find the support you need not just here in this forum. Take care and love to Jordan x

    Eve x
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    Hi jordansmum as a sufferer of RA at your sons same age i know how he feels, you've got to make him believe he can eventually get the better of this illness also that he has his familys support and try not let it get him down. Not easy i know, at his age i scared stiff and i had a Gp who said it was growing pains then a consultant who first thought it was all in my mind until i had more tests which can be frightening in itself.

    Start asking any questions here or to your sons consultant and don't take no or be fobbed off until your satisfied, research his illness and take heart that new advances are made all the time. But above all be truthful to him, i think we all know how kids can pick up sometimes wether we tell the truth or not and he'd want the truth though he may at first be very upset,i know i did.

    My thoughts go out to your son and yourselves and sincerely hope he improves soon.
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    Dear Jordanmum

    I am so sorry to hear all that your son and you are going through. I agree with Fester with all he says and he must know as he has been through similar.

    Knowledge is power, so ask away on here, preferably on the Living with Arthritis zone, because more people will see your questions there. This zone is more for saying hello and introducing oneself so not so may look in here as the other zones. Research information on the internet too. The helpline will be able to point you in the right direction for sure if you give them a call.

    Although you are torn to pieces inside with worry and so on, you should if at all possible, try to keep calm in front of your son and at the consultations. Your son will pick up on your vibes. It is difficult to know what questions to ask consultants and it does not help because some of them although they are excellent at their work can be brusque, which can be offputting. You have a right to know more from the consultant and if you later think of questions perhaps you could phone his secretary for her to find out the answers, or he calls you back.

    Please call in on the Living with Arthritis zone. I am sure I have seen your name there before and we will try to help you. As said before the Helpline are really helpful and will give you all the time you need to talk with them. The number is at the top of the screen.

    Elna x
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