The RA is old hat - motherhood terrifies me!

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I'm a 31-year-old who was diagnosed with RA at age 16. I'm now three months pregnant, faring ok off drugs, and would be delighted to hear anyone else's experiences of RA in pregnancy/birth/early motherhood. The good, the bad and the ugly please - it's so hard to find any details of people's experiences online.

Been in the rheumatology system for a while now - trying various drugs, being a case for medical students (was a big deal when I was a teenager, no so much now!) and having ortho surgery, so hopefully I have plenty to share too.

And I have a life beyond RA! work FT in PR, love dogs and DIY and let nothing hold me back

Here to chat! :D


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    Hi and welcome to the forum and congratulations on your baby news!

    I'm sure you'll get lots of responses to your request for info. on pregnancy, motherhood etc..but sadly not from me! I didn't have PsA until I was in my forties and already had my kids long before that..

    Hope you enjoy being part of this great community of mad people!

    look forward to chatting with you and will watch out for your posts!
    Iris x
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    Thanks Iris! It's nice to know there are friendly "faces" on here :)

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    And a big welcome from me, congratulations on your baby news.

    I know that there are other who are pregnant on here. It's not me either.

    Other members will be along soon to say Hello. It might be one of the mothers that are pregnant.

    In the mean while we support one another and swap tips.

    We have the CChat Forum, which is where we relax and have a laugh.

    Trisher xx
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    Oooh, another baby! Love them, welcome to you both.

    No, I'm not pregnant either, my daughters are 43 and 42 and I have 4 grandchildren, all of whom I spoil as much as possible!

    I'm sure one of the mums with young ones will be along soon, in the meantime join us for a giggle on the ChitChat as Trish says.

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    Hi Wriggly,

    Congratulations on the pregnancy!

    I've had arthritis since I was 7 and have 3 kids. I've been very lucky in that it has been in remission during the pregancies and while the kids were small (now 14, 11 and 9).

    My rheumy was concerned for me, when I told him we were trying for a baby but I am rather stubborn and his concern just made me want a baby even more!

    I can't kneel so had to have the changing mat at waist height rather than on the floor but other than that, no other problems.

    Good luck and enjoy some rest while you can!

    Lois x
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    Hi Wriggly,

    Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on pregnancy :)

    Wish mine were still ikkle babies :(

    Glad you stay positive and don't allow things to hold you back. I too like DIY and have more tools than some men lol. Thinking of replacing them for pink tools.

    Love Eve xxxxx
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    Hi Wriggly

    Conrgatulations on the bay and wlecome to the forums :):)

    reckon you'll be a real asset to the rest of us too.

    Motherhood is really really hard work - the hardest thing I have ever ever done, BUT it is also the best and most rewarding thing I have ever done :)

    Toni xx

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