Blue badge is it still a good idea?

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Can you tell me what are the criteria for a blue badge application pleasae? my OC health Doctor say’s that seeming I have advanced Patellofemoral in both knee caps that I am disabled and he has covered me under the DDA, yet when I went to ask my GP about me applying for one he said I have no chance as he would have to tell them I can walk over 50 yards, now this is true on a good day but when I’m having an attack I find it hard to walk round the garden let alone 50 yards..
Now some people on here say put in for it anyway but my wife says no as she is worried that I might upset my GP if they contacted them regarding my application if I decided to apply, can you tell me if they contact your GP and do you think I have a right to still apply regardless of my GP’s attitude or should I just give up and forget it??.


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    Blue Badges are issued by each Local Authority with their own criteria. Some will only issue a Badge if you receive the high rate mobility component of the DLA. Others will issue one if you complete their form often asking for a letter from a doctor (possibly your Occ Health doctor!) confirming your diagnosis and disability. Ring your authority and ask then what their criteria are. Its always worth applying - you have nothing to lose.
    GPs are not too easily upset and you are entitled to ask him for something which might benefit your health.
    Best wishes
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    Thanks val
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    sorry to but in but i am similair, when okay walking is okay but when bad its agony. i asked gp a while ago and was told cos i can walk from waiting room to surgery i couldnt get a badge!!...what about people with badges who do walk that far,doesnt really make sense.
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    Hi Mell,

    My GP is so unsupportive and although at the time I had not been awarded High Rate Mobility, I did contact my Local Authority (council) and I applied, sent in copies of letter from consultants and gave it my best shot.

    I was awarded a blue badge - go for it and good luck xxxxxx