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I have just been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in both my feet but also need to go back to work full time.Although im being sent to a Rheumatologist is there any way i can help manage the pain until im seen? Walking to far is not a good idea for me as im rendered useless when i get home.Ive tried all sorts from my GP and have even tried getting help from the DLA but no go there so now it looks like i will have to work even though i find it difficult. Thankyou


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    Hi Christine
    You shouldn't be left in pain like this. Go back to your GP and ask him to prescribe another painkiller as what he has prescribed so far is not working for you. Do you know how long you have to wait to see the rheumatologist? If it is still a long time ask the GP if he can make it an urgent referral. You might need to start Disease Modifying drugs to control your condition.
    Many people learn distraction and relaxation techniques as part of their pain management and our booklet 'Coping with Pain' is a good place to start with this.
    You don't say what kind of work you do but under the Disability Discrimination Act your employer has a duty to make reasonable adjustments to you working practices and conditions. Our booklet 'Working with Arthritis' explains all this and your rights under the Act. All our booklets can be downloaded from our website
    or I can post them to you if you send us an email or a private message with your address. If you want to talk things through with one of us here please do ring us on the freephone number.
    Best wishes
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    my RA started in my feet, so I know how difficult it is( and very, very painful :shock: )
    A poditrist( spelling :roll: ) has made me custom made in soles which take pressure of the areas of the foot that really hurt with walking...
    I also take Arcoxia and my DMARD is co-codamol and tramadol to control the pain...
    Its worth mentioning that if need be you may need to take some time of work while all drugs you are perscribed start to work...
    RA is covered under the DDA and it is the law that you are allowed sick leave to give the drugs time to work....
    please PM me if you would like any more advice...I have RA in alot of my joints but theres nothing more painfull then the feet!
    Kay xx
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    hello, I do hope you r feeling a little better. I 2 have just been diagnosed with I A but they are doing more tests 2 c if it is RA. I am young and have 2 chidren under 4. I know what u mean with being in pain. They haven't given me meds yet but I need something. They have given me codeine and tramidil (sorry spelling!!) I am also in a dilema, so much pain as the tablets I have make me feel so spaced out all I can do is sleep. I need to work as I have one more day off sick this year I will get a warning as I have had 8 days!! Cant move my left wrist 2day and in so much pain. Its really difficult, you feel pulled one end for work, other to family and then yourself!! I do hope you are sorted very soon. My thoughts are with you and hope it happens fast xxx Rember though, (which I should listen to myslef) if you haven't got your health what have you got??

    Love and thoughts xxx Claire xxx