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Just wanted to say a quick hello. I'm Paula, a 41 year old practice nures. Diagnosed in July 2009 with Psoriatic Arthritis. I started on methotrexate straight away. I'm on 15mg at the moment but don't seem to be having a drastic response just yet, although i have to say i'm feeling a little worse post xmas,,,, poss stress related. LOL. Would love to hear from anyone else with PA as i'd never heard of it before and sometimes wonder if the consultant made it up to keep me quiet.. lol. joking for any doc's on here. thanks for being here. xx


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    Hi Paula

    Welcome to the site. I am sorry to hear you are not feeling too great at the moment and the metho is not doing wonders for you. Please do join in with u,s as and when you are able to do so.

    Look forward to seeing your name on the other zones,

    Look after yourself and keep warm,

    Elna x
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    Hi Paula and welcome!

    At the moment, neither I nor the Rheumy knows what I've got it seems - have been labelled as sero-neg Polyarthritis for what it's worth. PA and RA are both in the frame for me.

    I'm on Metho 20mg now, like you no explosions of feeling better, but also no side effects to speak of.............don't know how high I will go or for how long before they decide to add something else in.

    Come join us on the Chit Chat forum just for a laugh and a natter, if you feel inclined - we're all slightly barmy on there, but it makes great light relief for a lot of us!

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    Hi Paula,
    Welcome to this forum, you will get all the support you need here, and a good laugh, hope to see you posting soon.
    Take care
    Barbara x :)
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    Hi Paula

    A big welcome from me too.

    Well I have PA, I was diagnosed with that a while ago.I also have other types of arthritis.

    I cannot take Mxt. I was given Presdnisolone, then Sulfasalazine, but I had to come off it due to side effects.

    I'm now on a low dose of Ciclosporin and I have to have it increased when I see Rheumy next. In between I have been having De Medrone injections, it is a steroid.

    Anyway, you are not alone anymore, you now hae us. As the others have mentioned we support one another but we do like to relax on the CChat Forum.

    I hope to see you posting soon

    Trisher xx