anyone familiar with dla claims for children

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i am looking for help or similar stories about parents who have had the same experience with the dla as i have had.posted it on chit chat but i think i will get more help on here,i hope,right to try and cut along story short here is a breif outline.lauren aged 8 jia claimed awarded 3 years.then 1 yr ,and again 1yr.wrote out to me early in july to reclaim for next year which i done,sent it back in july,silly me should have held on to it ive since been told.anyway dropped down to lowest care,called them and was told to ask for a reconsideration,which i did and sent them all paper work from hospitals concerning steroids hospital admissions etc etc as much as i could .i have always filled the form out myself and have had no problems,but i did make a mistake with the distance she could walk,hence the reason for the claim being stopped.the reconsideration was turned around,but only for the duration of my claim from last was reawarded for 5 months.then it has stopped claim recieved in november.i asked for a doctor to come out,and do a medical,which he has now done.the dla says that it was received two days ago,and is in the hands of a decision maker.but i feel like i was lying or something do u know what i mean,i told the truth nothing but the truth,and the doctor actually saw her recieve mtx inj to her legs,saw her being sick before and after injections.asked her to wiggle her feet and hands but i felt he didnt pay enough attention,to the fact that her hands are starting to deform the nuckles etc,maybe the fact that she recieves 16 steroids at a time when she goes into hospital is enough for them to realise that my child is sick,i know i am ranting but i feel i have no one to talk to regarding this,all i am waiting on is a decision and its very stressful.please anyone help lorraine


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    Hi and thanks for pm.
    I feel you are entitled to DLA but if you incorrectly wrote the distance she can walk then they prob grasped at that as an improvement.They are being really strict nowadays and checking everything.Just hope the consultants have let them know how bad your daughter is.But remember if she is doing well under treatment then that will be reported too.They only want to know how much help your daughter needs because of her illness but want to know as if her worse day(which I expect is awful).
    Good luck
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    good luck and hugs. i'm only at the start of this long journey but have been there got the t-shirt from doing all the forms with my husbands illness and it's a nightmare. He got turned down 3 times before they finally gave it to him even though he was on a medical discharge from the forces because of it grrrr. Anyway going off point there, I filled mine in and sent it back before christmas and they wrote saying they were waiting for a letter from hospital consultant. pp is corrent in that they want worst day possible but the way they word the form and i bet the letter to the consultant people missread and so write it all down wrong. I hope you continue getting it and hugs for your daughter and yourself.

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    hi, dont give up. As others have said you will most likely be turned down for it the first time. My daughhters case went to a tribunal and everything, After it was rejected and they said she wasnt entitled to anything I went to social work department and got a welfare rights officer to help me. She was fantastic.
    She was shocked my daughter hadnt beengranted anything so we were only trying for low/middle rate of both components. In the end I was a nervous wreck going to the tribunal but wro talked me through everything and it was something she said which made me change my mind about giving up as I did want to at several points.
    She told me to keep telling myself that it was my daughters right/ entitlment to get assisstance for her disability. she also told me that DLA often turn people down to see if they appeal as they get lots of fraudulent claims. This weeds some of those out quickly.
    In the end my daughter was awarded the high rate of both components and I dont know where I would be today without it as we make near weekly appointments to Yorkhill from Coatbridge. A 30 minute journey by car but about near 2 hours by bus. good luck and dont get disheartened, if you want to ask anything about what happened please feel free. If I can help i will