Meeting with HR re sickness

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Just got back from meeting with HR Ive got a written warning for having too much sickness due to OA! :(
Why do i bother! :x
Im going to appeal! :x
|Any other ideas folks!!! : :x


  • oneday
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    Unbeliebable, they dont try to help do they?!
    I cant remember if you have said before but have you seen occupational health for advice?
  • janie68
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    What!? I thought it went well!? Do the union know about this. This is ridiculous, exactly, why do we bother?

    I am sorry for this, you now need to plan your next move and fight back. Inform your rheumy, they may help in writing reports etc for you.

    Keep in touch

  • maria09
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    Yeah luckily i took my union rep with me who i must say was excellent
    She is going to fight for me
    So glad i swapped unions last year as other 1 was crap
    I understand the policy but it doesnt make it right :x
    only a few of my friends at wotk know abt it & they r flabbergasted so hey hoe watch this space x