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I have had Ra for just over 3 years and take methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine , sulfasalazine, folic acid. i also have an underactive throid and I may have carpal tunnel syndrome which has only recently appeared and I have discussed with my GP.
Since Christmas I have been experiencing quite severe pain in my left eye socket and this creates a feeling that my eye will fall out.
I also have pain in the area of my eyebrow and centre of my forehead the pain which varys can be similar to that at the beginning of a migraine .
When I close my eyes I see small white and gold specks similar to what you would see if your television lost reception .
I wonder if this is common for RA sufferers????


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    I have RA and take Sulphasalazine and hydroxychloroquine with my RA under control.

    I have been getting headaches which sound very similar. I get pain and pressue behind and around my right eye- seems more like a migraine pain and slight sensitivity to light. My eye and the right hand side of my face swells up and i get a blocked nose and watering eye on that side. It really is an awful pain quite different from the normal headahces i get. I had a look about this on the internet as my doctor helpfully said next time you have one came in. On the net it was talking about cluster headaches?

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    People with RA can get eye problems and any pain in the eyes or changes in vision should be reported to your rheumatologist.
    Have you got a rheumy nurse you can ring for advice on this?
    Best wishes
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    yoshimi thanks for the reply.
    Our headaches do sound similar though I do not get the blocked nose.

    I have a blood test next week and I will mention the possibility of cluster headaches to the nurse.

    I am not getting a great deal of sleep due to the possible carpal tunnel /pins and needles in my hand and maybe I am getting a bit too grouchy.
    My husband thinks it could be a form of vertigo as the headache and eye pain are affecting my balance.
    I hope you are able to get treatment for your headaches too .

    Thanks helpline Val. I shall also try and talk to the rheummy nurse though at times it is hard to track her down.