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Hi All,

Many of you will no im going through a really tough time at the moment but i want to look to the future because after all i am going to eventually get back to normal weight and sanity.

I know in my heart i could not cope with a "route job" as in set hours because i have on and off days regulary. Plus my immune system was low before RA because of my heart condition so now its even worse and with eventual methrotrex my immune system wont be one of the best!

So i am thinking of becoming self employed, i have not got an idea as of yet but i was thinking of using this time of ill health with - loos of weight, depression, ra flare up and waiting for heart tests to gather some ideas.

So my questions:

1) is any one self emplyed?
2) is this realistic with a condition like RA?

Thanks for any advise x


  • bailey27
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    I am self employed. It can have its good and bad points.

    Good points:
    * you can pick and choose your hours.
    * you dont have to worry about your boss not understanding your condition
    * you can work to your limits

    Bad points:
    * No sick pay
    * stressful not knowing whether you'll be getting an income
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    I can't really add much to what Bailey has already said. I am self emploed and haven't worked for a year. Have had no income at all and no benefits as my OH works and we had savings.

    I was lucky enough to have taken out a small insurance policy to cover such a situation. It didn't pay out much but it helped so between that and living off savings we have survived.

    I would say look into this type of policy but i would imagine any conditions diagnosed prior to the policy commencing wouldn't be covered.